Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Year 8 attend a Thrills Workshop at Thorpe Park

Where did you say your Geography classroom was?

Year 8 attended a Thrills Workshop at Thorpe Park as a taster of the type of topics that students would study at GCSE. Topics included environmental sustainability, recycling, creation of Thorpe Park on reclaimed land and the location making it a success. 

Aaron R in Year 8 summarises the day as 'A very educational and fun day out, I am very grateful.' 

'You only live once so make the best of this 
Geography field trip' (Iyanu).

'The trip encouraged teamwork and helped the students express themselves and get a better understanding of geographical concepts. It also allowed students to build a rapport with the teachers' (Maurice K).

What made this experience memorable is that after the workshop students were allowed free range of the park's rides and attractions. Due to it being a school day there were less than the usual 50,000 tourists that the park holds on a Fright Night in November. Daisy D and Vivienne J suggest, 'When you have a chance at this Geography trip take it!'
'Thorpe Park is the best' (Eden D). 'Just go and have fun in Thorpe Park' (Yav B).

Th day included travel by New Enterprize coaches which was subsidized by the Geography department. When we arrived in Chertsey (home of Thorpe Park) the students were able to attend rides of their choice for 3 hours before their workshop. To see the latest attractions please visit the Thorpe Park website- or see the site map below:

Please do not take my word about how exciting and exhilarating the day was, have a listen to the students and their comments.

'Geography real-life is like an adventure and lesson at the same time' (Jevon).

'Greatness comes when you have the Faith to face the fears inside you' (Eunice F).
'The time of your life at Thorpe Park' (Lennox Y).

'Face your fears...if you dare :OD' (Ayomide A). 
'The Scariest rides are the ones that you remember' (Adetayo O).

'Fun, educational and down to the point' (Jameel). 'New experiences in life' (Christian D).

Adrian concludes with a 'Thank-you'. I would like to thank the students for being brilliant ambassadors for the school and giving a lovely experience to the staff. Congratulations Year 8 on a fantastic day. My gratitude must also extend to Ms Gaffney for organising the trip and to Diana and Mark for help support. Invaluable members of staff to provide an unforgettable experience to our children.

#Wheres your next Geography classroom?

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