Thursday, 9 June 2016

Year 9 VS. Year 10 in 30 miles Wide Horizons Nightline Hike


SPA Geog Wide Horizons's fundraising page 

SPA Geog would like to ask for sponsporship for our Nightline Event with Wide Horizons. We are working with this charity to support disadvantaged students being able to attend outdoor learning experiences at Wide Horizon Centres. These students are marginalised from these spaces due to socio-economic status. On June 18th Year 9 and Year 10 students will be racing each other from the Wide Horizons centre in Eltham for 50km (30 miles) over the North Downs to the finish line.
We ask for a small donation for this great cause and to support the challenge that awaits us.
Thank-you for your support.
Year 10 team (Taniesha, Amy, Kevin, Klaudia, Hugo, Matesz, Folarin, Lateef, Joshua, Steve and Arop).

Year 9 Team (Finlay, Wojciech, Sammy, Emmanuel, Nosa, Phoebe, Sharan- two missing Lilly and Shanelle).

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