Tuesday, 18 October 2016

SPA Geog Year 8 pond dip and complete orienteering at Woodlands Farm

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SPA Geog Year 8- Field Trip to  Woodlands Farm Trust

The first Geography Field Trip of the new school year was to The Woodlands Farm Trust. Thirty year 8 students took part in a range of map work activities that helped consolidate their understanding of maps and mapping, completed at the end of year 7. 

After a mini map work refresher the students took part in an outdoor key word activity that involved them using their teamwork and communication skills.

After lunch the final full farm orientation group activity combined all the skills they had learned throughout the day. The student’s behaviour and participation was excellent. The students spoke enthusiastically about the trip on the bus journey home, many of them mentioning how much they had enjoyed themselves and how outside the classroom learning helped with their understanding of maps. It was a truly enjoyable and educational way to start the year. 

By Mrs Gaffney.

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