Sunday, 27 November 2016

GEOGRAPHY AMBASSADOR Interviews for Year 10 and 11

Want to receive rewards for promoting Geography?
Want to boost your CV with being a role model and
‘young ambassador’ for Peabody?

Criteria to attend interview:
Immaculate behaviour record;
Maintain a C2 or above grade in all tests;
Be able to devote time to volunteering and weekend trips;
Raise money for the Geography department through charity fundraising;
Complete a ‘young ambassadors’ accreditation from Peabody.

Produce a 3 minute (no longer) pitch on the following two questions:
1.What makes you a positive role model in the subject you love?
2.How can you promote the subject to younger year groups?

INTERVIEWS TO BE BOOKED WITH MR DAVIS- starting at 3.30pm Thursday 1st December 2016 in the large meeting room in the management corridor.

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    1. Dear Kavin,
      It is lovely to hear positive comments. The students are exception within our subject which makes writing about them so fascinating. Please continue to read the Blog as it develops over the course of the year.
      Kind regards,

      Gordon Davis