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SPA Geog- Year 8 trip to Thorpe Park October 2016 by Ms Gaffney

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SPA Geog Year 8- Field Trip to Thorpe Park
As a taster for Geography at GCSE and to consolidate their classroom learning 40 year 8 students were taken to Thorpe Park for an interactive educational workshop. The day started early arriving at the park at about 10am where the students initially had the opportunity to explore the park and enjoy some of the rollercoasters. 

An all-time favourite ride with the students is Swarm a wing rollercoaster. Some students even queued longer to sit in the front seats to be further thrilled and terrified by this 59 miles per hour ride. 

After lunch the students attended an hour long educational workshop about the development and location of the park. The interactive workshop also included elements of the history of Thorpe Park and the employment the park brought to the local community. They also spoke about the positive things the park did for the local environment. Students were very engaged and showed a keen interest by asking lots of questions. 

The student’s behaviour was fantastic and they thoroughly enjoyed the field trip. Thankfully all phones and glasses survived the day!

By Ms Gaffney.

SPA Geog

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