Sunday, 1 October 2017

SPA Geog Ambassadors Bubble Football

SPA Geog Bubble Football
After an amazing year of teamwork and dedication, the Geography Ambassadors elected Jack Petchy winner, James Douse, decided to use his money; “For a good and unique final team building activity.”
James wins the Jack Petchey Award for the SPA Geog Ambassadors.

Deciding on a stereotypical boyish exercise, the concept of football was sure to make some of us roll our eyes, but hearing of this unusual, laughter-inducing twist to the game made us all eager to turn up at Goals. 

After being briefed of the usual safety procedures, we took it in turns going on to the pitch and playing a “classical” game of football surrounded by giant bubbles of mass destruction. It was the Orange vs Clear bubbles and we sprinted across the field towards our opponent in hopes of knocking them over. 

A lot of us went flying while some of us just toppled to the ground and struggled to get back up again. The worst part was when you got stuck upside down and you could feel all the blood rushing to your face while all you could do was kick and flail your legs aimlessly until an instructor came and rolled you over again. Few goals were scored; mainly due to me cheating and sitting down inside the goal, but it was all in the name of fun and my peers had the best laugh trying to coax the ball away from me. 

An impatient Mr. Davis competitively determined it was his turn to have a go. And we watched terrified from the sidelines as he effortlessly sprinted towards people and knocked them over in a game of Bulldog. Even one of the parents decided to have a go and we played on in a hilarious game of Adults vs Teens.

At the end of the day we were all exhausted and red in the face but we were still giggling with excitement. As our final farewell to the eldest in the school, we wish them the best of luck for the future and are sure we will see them back again, supporting the SPA Ambassadors.

Where’s your next geography classroom?

~Written by Shanelle Shim

Have a look at the videos below:

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