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SPA# Year 8- Why Choose Geography as an Option?

Many of you will be asking this simple question in the lead up to your options for GCSE. Why Geography? What does this subject contribute to my future? What careers does this lead to? 

Why choose it? Why progress to A Level Geography? Why seek a career in Geography? 

See the links below and understand why more than ever before Geography is seen as one of the most important areas of study in the 21st Century!

Not convinced?! Have a look at the following video made by Ambassadors from the Royal Geographical Society (currently studying Geography at university). This was made just for you as Year 8 St Paul's Academy students:

Some of the following careers can be achieved by studying Geography at GCSE and A Level:
  • Weather forecaster;                                       
  • Soil conversationalist;
  • Coastal engineer;                                          
  • Hydrologist;
  • Accountant;                                                  
  • Financial adviser;
  • World Challenge Expedition Leader;          
  • Financial Risk Assessor;
  • Earth Scientist;                            
  • Hazard predictor;
  • Documentary presenter (we all know Bear Grylls, David Attenborough and Michael Palin!);              
  • Urban planner;
  • National Geographic Publisher, Photographer or Camera man;
  • Property Consultant;
  • Surveyor;                                                      
  • Architect;
  • Or Laywer!                                                    
Many of you may actively be questioning that some of these careers actually seek Geography as a subject in their recruitment of potential employees (yourselves in the future). So let me break down 5 points for you:
  1. Geography is seen as the top 10 subjects to study and is quoted by The Telegraph as being a top 10 degree to be studied.
  2. Geography is actively a sought after subject for careers in finance, accountancy, being a lawyer and bankers. Why? This is due to the nature of fieldwork and topics that give you analytical. mathematical and problem-solving skills. 
  3.  Russell Group Universities- that is the top 20 universities in the UK seek students who have studied Geography at A Level for recruitment. Click Here
4. Michael Palin (Patron of the Royal Geographical Society) quotes: 
'Geography students are among those gaining greatest satisfaction from their studies, and geography graduates have a relatively low level of unemployment. It's no wonder there is a growing demand to study the subject at university. This is underlined by the Russell Group of Universities, along with the Minister David Willetts MP, who both recognise geography as one of the key "facilitating" subjects for entry to degree level study.'

5.  Geography will provide opportunities to build new skills in fieldtrips, you will get to experience the subject in real life and volunteering will help build your CV. Have a look at what we have done as a Geography department below:

Year 10 in 2014 Camping at Downe in Biggin Hill- volunteering and extreme activities weekend. Ask Year 10 this year about their St Paul's Shanty Town Project.

Technopop Year 11 trip to look at community projects, sustainable energy and conservation at Westfields in Stratford.

Controlled Assessment Coursework at Herne Bay and Reculver on coastal management. Students are completing a field sketch. The new syllabus now confirms you will be going out twice to complete a Human and Physical piece of fieldwork. Ask Year 10 about their upcoming trip to Swanage.

Geography Reward Trip to Thorpe Park for students who have volunteered over 20 hours in their local communities. Your KS4 taster trip means we will be taking 30 Year students in April to visit the Park. Will this be you?

Volunteering in Thames Wetlands.

Current Year 11 students hedge laying at Foots Cray Meadows. Ask these students for details- where is your classroom?

A previous student and his brother (current Year 11) constructing marginal habitats in a River. What will you do in Geography today?
I have highlighted 5 reasons to study Geography but don't take my word for it. Listen to some of the professionals interviewed by the Royal Geographical Society about 'Why Study Geography?

In deciding your choice over the half term and next week- have a further look at the careers you can do in Geography. 
The course outline is also located below but changes mean:
- Two fieldwork opportunities outside the school (one human and one physical). Year 10 are off to Swanage in June to study coasts for 4 days;
- Opportunities to build your CV by volunteering and being able to view Geography in reality (as seen above);
- To develop analytical and problem-solving life skills;
- A potential trip (still at planning stages) to Iceland.

The changes to GCSE Geography and our current syllabus can be found here. 

Other subjects are no doubt interesting but where else can you discover these experiences? 

In Geography the main question is:

Check out the additional resources at:

See the recent assembly by the SPA Ambassadors to see opportunities in Geography:

#Where will Geography take you?

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