Tuesday, 1 March 2016

GD's exam tips and resources

As your Geography teacher my aim is to provide  valuable set of resources to aid your revision. By the creation of this blog you should now have actively created a revision timetable and should be completing 2 hours+ of Geography revision a week. Try to do the following: 
  • Spend 15 minutes creating the perfect case study (using my case study revision guide or a website like Ace Geography). Revisit this case study over the course of the week.
  • Revise key terms, core knowledge of a topic and geographical diagrams for 45 minutes-1 hour (use my revision guide, GCSE bitesize and Sam Learning), If spare time watch videos covering content i.e. the water cycle on YouTube or GCSE bitesize.
  • Finally practice exam questions that relate to the topic you have studied (needs to be under timed conditions at this stage) of varying different marks:
    • 1/2 mark questions for key terms and basic knowledge;
    • 3/4 mark graph analysis, location or distribution questions or explain questions;
    • 6 mark extended writing questions in which you can add in specialist case study knowledge;
    • 8 mark case study questions (remember to check your SPaG).
To seek additional advice about the ways to revise look at the following websites:

Mr Davis' Top 5 revision techniques:

1) Geography Apps- test your core knowledge. Click here

2) Post-it notes (multi-purpose- use for spelling/definitions, diagrams, breaking down case studies). Stick these round your room and put together when you walk in the room. 

3) Concept mapping- take a topic and join up concepts/themes, key words and case studies. You can also add in exam questions!

4) Revision guides- these are written by the academics who write your examinations. Cheapest place to buy- Click here

5) Change or mix up your revision by the following:

And now for the finale Year 11....DRUM ROLL please! Here are all the resources you need for exam success (see me with a memory stick):

1) Interactive PowerPoints on Themes 1-3;

2) Case Studies for Theme 1-3;

3) Mr Davis' PowerPoints for the whole of the WJEC specification B course;

4) Book resources (including revision guides);

5) Select GeoFiles for additional reading or case study development;

6) Past exam papers with mark schemes;

7) WJEC Revision sheets;

8) Year 11 Revision booster PowerPoints and Resources.

If there is anything else that you need please leave me a comment. You are all incredible Geography students and with:


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