Thursday, 10 March 2016

#SharingAdventures @ Wide Horizons with SPA Geog Year 10

#SharingAdventures @ Wide Horizons 

#SharingAdevntures is a competition launched by Wide Horizons centres across the UK to win an adventurous residential visit to Wales worth over £10,000 for the school. Activities will include canoeing, gorge alking and rock climbing.

Visit activities:
During the visit pupils can take part in activities such as:

Off Site Land Activities
1. Rock Climbing and Bouldering
2. Abseiling
3. Scrambling and Weaselling
4. Mountain Walking (Summer)
5. Local low level Walks
6. Underground Exploration
7. Orienteering
8. Primary Mountain Biking

On Site Land Activities
9. Low ropes course
10. Nightline
11. Shelter Building
12. Orienteering

                                                     Watch Wide Horizon's promotional video below:

To win the competition schools are asked to produce a one min video showing what they hope to achieve during the week and what they expect the impact of a week of adventure in Wales will have on them and their school. 

Mrs Cooper's and Mr Davis' Geography classes joined forces to meet the CHALLENGE set and create videos to WIN the competition. Please visit the Geography YouTube channel to like the videos to give the students a greater chance of being successful! Please see the videos below:

#What will you do in Geography today?


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