Sunday, 13 March 2016

Year 11 show you their classroom- Where's yours?

Year 11 students from St Paul’s Academy Geography department completed another volunteering experience with Thames21. Many of the students now exceeding 30 hours of volunteering to add to their CV statements for colleges and potential part-time jobs this summer. Habeeb Lawal is now the student with the most hours at 54 within Geography. Congratulations on such an achievement Habeeb.

Students shovelled mulch into wheel burrows to lay along footpaths that had been eroded by tourists. Yet again St Paul’s students have been accountable for maintaining and enhancing the local community near the school. # Where’s your classroom?

Will you make a difference to your local community?

How about adding to your own CV for college or university?

How about experience Geography in reality?

Well done Year 11!

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