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SPA XLP trip to Bulgaria July 2016

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Congratulations to the SPA XLP team who travelled to Bulgaria in July 2016. The 12 Year 11 students (now missed school leavers- yes I admitted it!) worked with the Roman community (travellers from India) who have been disadvantaged by the Bulgarian society. This included work in a Kindergarten called Hope, an orphanage, and with older students in a local park. We can also been seen winning a prestigious football game against the Roman adults. Please watch the video below or alternatively the YouTube blog at: 
Please see the comments in response to the students' blog from parents and teachers alike:

Wendy and Andrew 
It has been a week since the Miles and rest of the team returned from Bulgaria.
We just want to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You to Ian, Hannah, Danielle, Helen and Mr Davis making this trip happen. The planning and travelling to another country with this number of young up-coming adults is no easy task. This has has been an amazing experience for Miles and that will stay with him for life and not to mention the life skills gained.
Thank You
I am so happy that I had the chance to meet you all. It was a great pleasure spending the whole week with you. I will never forget it. Take care and hope to see you soon in Bulgaria.
Again as a parents we can not thank you enough for guiding our son Alastair and the rest if the kids thank you so much Mr Davies, Ian,Danille and Hannah👍👍👍
Have a blessed trip back home guys. See you all soon! God bless you all always😘
Teaching can be a hard profession but it’s the moment we share as teachers with students that make it rewarding. I write to parents/guardians to convey that I have shared the week with inspirational young adults. I have witness them rise to challenges, be positive role models to school children and aspire to young adults that I am proud to know. Your children are the reason I teach and it has been a privilege to spend time outside the classroom with them. You are all inspirational individuals and I am honoured to have taught you. I will convey to the school how you have been ambassadors in Bulgaria. Keep in contact.
Mr Davis
I would also like to thank Ian, Danielle and Hannah for truly inspirational leadership and making the trip a success. Timeless memories I will cherish.
Great work and great team. I’m really proud of you all. Beautiful photos having fun in teaching and learning. Eric I can see your smile and I’m happy about that. Well done guys, arms are wide open to welcome you all back. Definitely the children will always remember your work and for sure they are happy. Thanks to St. Pauls Academy. Xxxxxx
How amazing are all these kids helping out its so lovely to see well done to you all xxxxx
Well done to you all. You guys are doing a great work. It takes a giving spirit and a lovely heart to reach out to the needy and helping the children to learn is so wonderful and they are happy, what a beautiful memory. St. Pauls, this is amazing. God guidance and protection will be yours always.
Katie bradshaw
Looks like you are all having an amazing time, proud of you all, keep up the good work. PS you better not of got paint on your new trainers Maroulla xxx love mum, dad and siblings
Wow!!! Love all your photos,hard working kids of St Pauls! Keep up the good work and to share the love and care for the beautiful children of Bulgaria. Take care always and looking forward for more updates. Alastair we miss you our house is so empty without you! Love you much😘 Tatay,Alvinne,Nanay

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