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SPA are filmed for a documentary for schools as volunteering hits new heights

Image result for thames21 logoSPA Geog are filmed for a documentary called 'The Living Thames'. 
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I am writing to inform you of an incredible achievement of both former and past students with SPA Geog and volunteering. As a result of our commitment to volunteering with Thames21 over the last 5 years, we were invited by Dorothy Leiper to take part in a documentary called ‘The Living Thames’. The aim was to show how different social groups use the Thames as a working river.

SPA Geog welcomed back some former faces including the likes of Qozeem, students from the class of 2016, and from the class of 2014- the twins Joel and Joshua. 

Figure 1- Class of 2014 Joel and Joshua.

Figure 2- Class of 2015 (from the left Shannon, Charlotte, Joseph, and Ewelame).

Figure 3- Current Year 11 students Amy and Klaudia.

At the weekend the students picked up plastic washed up by the Thames at high tide. The film crew took footage of the students completing this activity and interviewed Michael Heath (leader of Thames21) about the relationship with St Paul’s Academy. Mr Davis was also interviewed about the importance of volunteering as a medium to show Geography in action.

Figure 4- A selection of photos taken of volunteering welcoming back former students and teachers alike.

After a brief introduction from the film crew, 5 former students were interviewed about the importance of volunteering (Habeeb, Qozeem, Lateef (current Year 11), Shannon and Charlotte). All of these students hold the accolade of over 40+ hours volunteering in an array of different environments. The Lawal family have completed a total of over 150 hours as brothers in Geography. All students were a credit again for the Geography team and were excellent ambassadors for St. Paul’s Academy.

Figure 5- Being interviewed by former wildlife presenter Chris.

Finally, a personal mention needs to written for the photography work of Zachary, who has taken all of the photos you see in this article. He is aspiring to be a geographical photographer and with photos of this quality we can see he will have a bright future ahead of him. Well done Zachary for your outstanding work! Zachary has chosen Geography as his future career….
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Please have a look at Zachary's work below. He is an emerging outstanding talent!

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