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Great British Spring Clean March 5th 2017 with the SPA & Peabody Ambassadors

SPA GEOG & Peabody

The Great British Spring Clean
On March 3rd-5th 2017 saw the mark of the Great British Spring Clean over the UK. The event has one thing in common, to bring together different groups of people from around the UK to clean up the litter that blights our towns, cities, waterways and forests.

This event meant the first outing for the SPA Geog and Peabody Ambassadors from Year 11 and 10. They teamed up with Thames21 staff (Jess Becher, Joanna Barton and Chris Rose) with Mr Davis and Diana Webb to work on the Thames Road Wetland. It is unbelievable to amount of rubbish that gets congested along a stretch of the river and walkways. Please see details of the other events on the UK map below.

Figure 1- Temi and Klaudia (Year 11) picking up rubbish from the river bank.

Figure 2- Shanelle enjoying the weather and making a difference to the local community. She is one of our outstanding Year 10 volunteers.

It is a testament once again that these young people give up their time at the weekends to make a difference to their local community. The Thames Wetland benefitted from these students who picked up 19 bags of rubbish (including recyclable materials) with many containing clothes, electrical equipment and plastics in the river.

Figure 3- From the left (Nathan, Amy and Miguel) volunteer in the Thames marsh to pick up plastics and tyres. It really was tiring work :O)!

The group was split in two: with one half led by Chris in waders getting in the Thames Wetland marsh to pick up plastic and array of tyres. The other half led by Jess and Joanna picked up rubbish on the walk-way running parallel along the River Cray. Mr Davis and Diana were no onlookers. They worked on the rubbish in the river that had been trapped by a fallen tree. They were even able to remove a wooden pallet and garden fence from the waterway.

 Figure 4- Marcell felt the need to work on his muscles (there is always one).

Figure 5- Kwabena litter picking.

The students contribute significantly to the UK with the amount of litter illustrated above. A further 20 car tyres were removed from the area also. Most of this litter had been here for some time so the improvements have been made permanent. We were also fortunate enough to make the Bexley Wildlife website for our contributions.

Figure 6- Rubbish collected from the Thames Wetland.

Figure 7- From the left: Chris Rose (Thames21), Shanelle, Miguel, Kwabena, Marcell, Amy, Natahn, Klaudia, Diana Webb (SPA), Temi and Joanna (Thames21).

Figure 8- At any Thames21 event there is always one that can't get out of their waders. Well done Amy!

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