Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Year 8 Tweet About Poverty

SPA Geog Year 8
Tweets About Development

Year 8 as part of their Development SOW exploring poverty completed emotive tweets about the lesson on ‘Comparing Lives’. As part of the lesson, the students compared their own lives to those of a similar age to them around the world. These included:

Hannah likes Science, and plays the trumpet. She has just been to Mexico on a school trip. She gets $30 a week pocket money (about £20). Sometimes she wants to be an engineer and sometimes a writer. She worries about getting a job. Her parents would like to see more of her but they’re just so busy.  

Josephine lives in Accra. She’s top in her class at maths. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. When she leaves school she’d like to run a business and be able to buy a nice house, but hopes to start out with an office job. £50 a month would be great!

Julien lives in La Paz. He works as a shoeshine boy. He earns 6p a customer. He lives in the family shack, with no running water. He studies every evening at a special centre. He’s learning to read, write and use computers. He dreams of buying a motorcycle. 

Nisha lives in Nepal. She has never been to school. She helps on the farm, collects firewood for cooking and looks after her brothers and sisters. Someday, Nisha hopes to get married & have a family.

Students connected with these students on a deeper level as they worked with their peers to ascertain the quality of life and standard of living for each child. A homework task compared each of the children’s life to their own and if they could spend a day in one life who would it be. Have a look at the tweets below:

#OneDayInPoverty! In Nepal a young girl named Nisha is living in poverty. I would give up my life for 1 day to live in Nisha's way of life!
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#BeingPoor41Day If I had to swap lives with Julien, Nisha, Josephine or Hannah, I would swap with Nisha because I want to feel empathy for her and know how it feels to live in poverty so I can appreciate the resources we have! (Rachael-8C)

#WeCanHelp I have problems with the world today because of poverty. People are suffering from being poor like Nisha #99problems (Daniel Maimbo-8D)

#MakeABetterWorld I am shocked that people are not aware of the development issues around the world. An ordinary person has a good home, an education, whilst others don't have anything! (Matthew-8D)

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