Sunday, 28 January 2018

Year 11 SPA Geog Young Consumer Quiz

SPA Geog Year 11

Young Consumers Quiz
Written by Precious Appiah.

The Year 11 Consumer Team outside City Hall.

Representing the geography team, Princess Emeanuwa, Una Mracajac, Shanelle Shim and I (Precious Appiah) made up the four man band that marched to City Hall from the academy, lead by our director, Mr Davis. We were dead set on returning victorious with the £500 cash winner’s prize.

The Year 11 Consumer Team with Mr Davis outside City Hall.

Speed walking to the station, the day began as per usual with us catching the train by the skin of our teeth. (Anyone who has been on a school trip by train recently can relate!) We utilised the train journey to rally our wits and knowledge to revise the questions that we could be asked throughout the day

Outside City Hall.

If you’re wondering what the competition was about, let me inform you. It was called the ‘Young Consumers challenge’. In this challenge you are asked questions on general knowledge; anything from the meaning of an ‘ISA’ to working out someone’s credit score. Not only that but we were required to design a toy for an autistic child between ages 5-7.

When we arrived, we were immediately tested on our general knowledge, problem solving and team working abilities. It so was arduous that you are left with a dry mouth and a faint head. 

Team-based team in Round 1.

This hard work was soon rewarded with a truly delightful lunch. Don’t be surprised when I say that some had more than two servings from the array of sandwiches, mini pizzas, chicken skewers and other types of finger food. I can’t blame them—it was free and delicious! I must admit, after I had overindulged on the food, I may have lost focus on why we are there and the tunnel vision I once had, was now an expanded panoramic view as for the first time I noticed our design idea for the special need toy, pinned up against our competition. At this moment as a team we resolved that we weren’t counting on our design to win. Quite frankly, compared with the others it appeared as though it didn’t make the cut.

Celebrating winning the design round.

At this point we ascended the spiral ramp to a grand room that resembled a downscale prototype of an ‘end stage’ (research this drama students!). Taking my seat, my heart began to pound as I came to a realisation of the gravity of our situation- £500 was at steak! First up; it was us. After a session of rigorous testing the questioning ended.

Then it was time for the awards and announcement of the qualifiers. “First prize of £40 for the toy competition goes to...St Paul’s academy!” We were ecstatic! With a skip in our step, we parted the crowd and collected our trophies with excitement and yet confusion on our faces.

Knock-out rounds for Young Consumer Quiz.

To conclude, the day was an absolute joy- we didn’t win the £500, yet we won £40. Whatever the case we are excited to embark on our next geography adventure!

#Where’s your next Geography classroom?