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SPA GEOG & Peabody

October 2016 saw the SPA Geog department design a hoodie, one that would promote and raise the profile of the subject to younger year groups, but also showcase the amount of fieldtrips that subject did in an array of different environments. The second stage of this process was to install 20 Geography Ambassadors that would be role models but at the same time gained skills and qualifications to place on their CV. 

Kevin volunteering in October 2016 along the River Cray promoting the Geography hoodie prototype.

I am proud to announce we have received sponsorship for the hoodies, we have found a local supplier linked to our students, and provided the ambassadors with an accreditation in ‘young leadership’ to place on their CVs, which will pay dividends when applying for college and employment. The Geography department took two days of interviews to select 23 Geography Ambassadors. We witnessed over 40 interviews and a high quality of applicants, which meant much deliberation and a challenge to choose our final students. The two key questions were: How would you promote Geography? Why should you be an ambassador?. Let me introduce the final students who will represent Geography and Peabody as ambassadors!

The Geography and Peabody Ambassadors from Year 10 and Year 11 in their new hoodies.

Geography and Peabody Ambassadors:

Name: Temi Adebola

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Temi attempts all challenges with a high energy and motivation. She is a natural leader who inspires others with a bubbly enthusiasm.

Why chosen? Achieving a B academically and has been a role model this year in volunteering with Thames21. The way Temi can inspire others is the reason we have included her as an ambassador. She has lead by example during volunteering excursions with Thames21 in the River Cray.

Quote from a student: ‘She is a confident leader who takes charge and acts both autocratically and democratically to decide what is best for her team. She volunteers to help others and takes charge effectively.’

Name: Shanelle Shim

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Shanelle is an inspirational character who engages with all tasks. She leads through leading by example and is a team-player that energises a group with her enthusiasm. She is a vibrant character that can be seen singing at a camp fire.

Why chosen? Achieving an A/B academically and she is an excellent public speaker. Shanelle’s thirst to attempt new challenges and engage a group to achieve is why we have included her as an ambassador.

View why Shanelle wants to be an Ambassador at:

Quote from a student: ‘She has a great sense of responsibility and she can work really well with people and is a pleasure to be around.’ 

Name: Lilly Towner

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Lilly is passionate in her beliefs on the environment and promotes this positively to anyone she engages with. She is able to develop rapport with many different social groups and has a constant happy demeanour that energises the people around her. She has a thirst for living life to its fullest.

Why chosen? Lilly already volunteers for outside agencies for the school. Lilly is a keen environmentalist and believes in promoting the sustainable use of our environment and working towards greener futures. Lilly’s ability to communicate with different people from a wealth of backgrounds is why we have included her as an ambassador.

Name: Kwabena Adu-Gyebi

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Kwabena has a high determination and motivation to achieve. He leads by succeeding in tasks and is an asset in promoting the school in the local community.

Why chosen? Kwabena has be an integral part of volunteering in Year 11. He delivered gifts to sick children on Christmas Day and was one of the inspirational students last year who won the £10,000 trip to Wales. Someone with these characteristics will naturally lead students in bettering themselves.

Quote from a student: ‘He is very good at talking and leading.’

Name: Nathan Sinclair

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Nathan is a caring and helpful individual who will not leave a room without aiding others. He is the first to participate in a task whether it is washing up or attempting a physical challenge. This mentality inspires others to follow suit. He is the nicest guy you could meet.

Why chosen? Nathan is drive to achieve in any environment that he finds himself it. He is a confident leader who brings out the best in other people. Nathan throws himself into task and can work effectively as part of a team or independently. He is a natural public speaker and a born-leader. We have included him to be a role model to younger years. He was one of the inspirational students last year who won the £10,000 trip to Wales.

Quote from a student: ‘He is hard working and co-operative in a team and gets involved which is helpful because he ties into the productivity of the group.’

Name: Anna Alves

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Anna is a passionate geographer. This passionate and caring attitude is addictive to the students around her. She cares a high energy and determination to achieve.

Why chosen? Anna is pivotal in the role of promoting Geography to younger year groups. She is a catalyst in raising the profile and showcasing Geography in reality. The ability to inspire others is the reason she has become one of our ambassadors.

Name: Klaudia Kaluza

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Klaudia is outgoing, has a sense for adventure, embraces challenges with a sheer determination and is very intelligent. Klaudia has had a passion for Geography since I have known her and this is unrelenting in everything she does for the subject. She is a natural leader who is an asset to all that she embraces- a natural leader.

Why chosen? Klaudia is one of the faces of Geography. She has participated in every event; including volunteering, winning the £10,000 trip to Wales, camping, Swanage, to name but a few. This emersion within all events in Geography makes her key in embracing others to study it. The sense of adventure will continue to develop trip activities to provide a fresh approach to outdoor learning.

Name: Amy Krens

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Amy is one of the friendliest people you can meet. She has a caring attitude for anyone who has the fortune to meet her. She has a natural ability to communicate effectively with all and has an infectious passion to be the best she can be. She is gifted with being a leader and is always smiling which energises others to do well.

Why chosen? Amy is another face of SPA Geog. She has been involved in all activities that have been implemented by the department. Amy has a sheer determination to succeed which is shown in volunteering, completing the Night Hike and winning the Wales trip. Amy will inspire, lead by example and convey the passion that the Geography department is looking for.

Quote from a student: ‘She is very ambitious and tries her best to take part in the opportunities presented to her.’

Name: Eljay Etienne

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Eljay is motivated to succeed in all that she embraces. She is an intelligent geographer who achieves academically and physically in all that she is involved in. Eljay is a natural public speaker and a leader amongst the students. She is outgoing, embraces adventure and is passionate about the subject.

Why chosen? Eljay is another face of Geography. She has participated in every event; including volunteering, winning the £10,000 trip to Wales, camping, and completing the Nightline Hike. Eljay will inspire other students by leading on events and implementing the skills she has gained to others.

Quote from a student: ‘She has overcome shyness and reaches out to others by inspiring them.’

Name: Miguel Jardim

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Miguel is naturally inquisitive which leads to him being a resolute and intellectual individual. Miguel leads with wit, a drive to succeed and is an asset to the community and Geography department. He is academically gifted and has an attitude that never gives up.

Why chosen? Miguel will inspire others through his intelligence in the subject. He is adept in topics like ecosystems and this inspiration to read around the subject is integral in inspiring younger students. His aspirations to develop knowledge on Geography is an important catalyst to instil in younger students. It will provide students with a keenness and eagerness to view Geography in reality; one that Miguel himself has in abundance.

Quote from a student: ‘He is always hard-working, always completes homework to a good standard, always contributes in lessons and isn’t afraid to show people how intelligent he is.’

Name: Luke Everett

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Luke is quiet and a methodical student but do not underestimate he ability to inspire others. He is known by the Geography department to one of the most inspirational characters in Year 10. He passion in Geography drives others around him to seek achieving the same goals. Luke is one of the most resolute and confident leaders I know.

Why chosen? Luke was chosen due to his passion and his ability to be a team-player. His confidence to pursue decisions methodically and to quietly lead a team of individuals makes him key to the ambassador scheme. He will inspire students with his passion for the subject.
Quote from a student: ‘He stops people from getting distracted and refocuses them. He is a caring individual.’

Name: Gareth Macbean

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: Methodical, conscientious, resolute and intelligent. Gareth is a credit to the Geography department and is a student who immerses himself in the life of the subject outside of the classroom. He inspires teachers and students alike. His ability to challenge himself daily is one of his defining strengths.

Why chosen? Gareth has been chosen to be a role model to students who tackles adversity. He leads by example, overcomes obstacles and continues to strive forward. This resilience in a student is an example of strength that will encourage others to follow.

Name: Giovanni Vasa

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Giovanni is a noble and charismatic individual who instils harmony to the group of people he participates with. He is friendly and caring of people’s needs and consistently positive. He is driven by ecological sustainability and cares for his community and the environments around it.

Why chosen? Giovanni has a passion for the environment. He is also a peace-keeper, someone who cares about the world and making it a better place to live. These attributes show moral, social ethical values tha are important when creating a project and are needed to be instilled in future generations of ambassadors.


Name: James Douse

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: James has many positive features. He is loyal, motivated, and resilient to change. He never gives up until he achieves his goal. He is fearless and raises to challenges or obstacles faced against him. His skills are already being developed through his part-time job.

Why chosen? James through his part-time job has a set of skills unique to the group that will benefit others; skills such as team-work, a high work ethic and communication with different social groups. His passion for Geography is clearly evident and he is key to unlocking this desire in younger year groups. His resilience and strength will create a positive role model to other students. He works hard in tasks to inspire others and leads by example.

Quote from a student: ‘He has already got a job and he’s resilient and never gives up. So he’s just a great role model.’

Name: Precious Appiah

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Precious entertains challenges – whether it is physical or mental – with a smile. Her friendly and caring attitude is infectious. She is also driven and motivated to achieve in all activities. Precious unifies a team and leads it by example. She is academically gifted and an asset, both to the school and outside environments, whereby she communicates effectively with different groups of people.   
Why chosen? Precious is one of the most gifted students I have met. By her sheet passion and enthusiasm for Geography she is integral in raising the profile of the subject. Both teachers and students alike can build a rapport with Precious and she will be a catalyst in bringing the subject to a new height in the future.

Quote from a student: ‘Precious is a key participator as she is hard-working and enthusiastic about learning.’

Name: Yetunde Kehinde

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Yetunde is academically gifted and this underpins her ability to achieve. She is a motivated and determined individual who inspires and instils this belief in other people. She has joyous spirit which is infectious to those around her.    

Why chosen? Yetunde is very good academically and a natural public speaker. She will engage and enthuse students through fun and underpinning the values needed to become an ambassador. In this way she is integral for the sustainability of the project.

Quote from a student: ‘She is confident and has achieved very good and consistent grades in Geography. Whatever she puts her name to, she achieves and always commits to. She is inspirational!’

Name: Una Mracajac

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Una is a quiet individual but she is not outspoken. She is incredibly talented – both academically and as a team player. She inspires others but just working hard. Her passion for Geography drives others around her. She is one of the friendliest and caring students you could know.     

Why chosen? Una was chosen due to her passion for Geography and the talent she displays, both within and outside the classroom. She works hard independently but is also collaborative and a team-player. These are all features needed within our Ambassador scheme.

Name: Princess Emeanuwa

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Princess is the most polite, friendliest and caring individual you can encounter. Every challenge or task is attempted with positivity and a smile. Other character traits include being trustworthy, loyal and respectful. She is also academically gifted in Geography. A quiet but not outspoken leader.    

Why chosen? Princess has a passion and motivation for Geography. She is able to work effectively within a team environment or independently. Princess leads by example and this strong character is a role model we wish to bestow on students in Year 9 and younger. She will be an important catalyst in attracting new students to GCSE Geography.

Quote from a student: ‘She is a valuable, trustworthy and all-round nice person!’

Name: Stephen Ola-Oni (awaiting an updated photo)

Year: 11

Characteristic trait: The perfect gentleman. He is the friendliest guy you can meet. He has a positive manner in which transfers to all that come into contact with him. Stephen is well-mannered, caring and dedicated to completing a task effectively. He is naturally gifted as an academic and a leader. He has an enthusiasm and drive not seen in many people.

Why chosen? Stephen has been chosen because he is passionate for Geography. He is already an important component in the life and soul of the school. He is a public face of the school, is a school mentor to Year 7s, a sports leader and part of the Year 11 leadership team. For a team to thrive you need Stephen at the helm driving others forward.

Quote from a student: ‘He is very inclusive and contributes to the ambassador sessions. Stephen is really dedicated and an effective leader.’

Name: Sammy Bennett (awaiting an updated photo)

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Sammy poses many character aspects that many envy. He is a pure gentleman; polite, respectful, loyal, trustworthy, puts others before himself and intelligent. He is a quiet but effective leader. He works hard with a motivation and determination not seen in many people. Students and teachers alike value his contributions. He is adventurous and adopts a resilient confidence in the face of challenges. A model student.

Why chosen? Sammy is your model student. He has engaged in all activities that I have placed in his path and succeeded with ease. He has been an integral member of volunteering and has conquered (one of a few out of 20 students) the Nightline Hike over 30 miles in 12 hours. He is physically fit and academically brilliant. These features will bring brilliant students, like himself, to Geography.

Quote from a student: ‘He is hardworking constantly and is very understanding and easy to talk to, he makes me smile and is a creative individual who puts others before himself.’

Name: Chantal Shrestha (awaiting an updated photo)

Year: 10

Characteristic trait: Chantal is a model student. Academically she is one of the brightest in Geography in Year 11. She is quiet but a natural leader who is hardworking, conscientious and understanding. She is friendly and caring for those around her and inspirational.

Why chosen? Chantal is an asset to Geography. She puts others before herself and leads by example. Her brilliance academically will inspire others to have a harder work ethic and determination to achieve. She is passionate about the subject and will lead younger students with her experience and skills.

Quote from a student: ‘She is a very inspirational character in my life. She is very understanding and never makes me feel uncomfortable when I ask her questions she knows easily. Chantal is extremely hard working but never gets recognised.’

So WHY be an Ambassador?

Many of you are asking the benefits of the scheme. What do you get? What does this mean to your development? Here are some of the ways we intend to improve students’ lifestyles for promoting the subject:
1.      FREE Ambassador hoodie courtesy of Peabody;
2.      Accreditation worth the equivalent of one GCSE in ‘Young Leadership’ – would be sought after from employers and college/universities alike;
3.      Residential worth £300 FREE OF CHARGE;
4.      Reward trips – see Geography Blog for details – TBC however GoApe and assault course to name the upcoming events;
5.      The chance to be a role model to younger students and lead events such as volunteering and going into primary schools;
6.      The chance to deliver passion and topics to younger years and make a difference.
7.      Deductions on further trips- TBC Iceland and camping.

These students are already assets to the school community as they can be witnessed is an array of different environments; sport leadership, V-Inspired, Debate Mate; winners of Jack Petchey. As Geography and Peabody Ambassadors, these students will not only be catalysts in the development of Geography - past one that is merely tokenistic – to one of intellectual appeal, but will also make an immeasurable difference to Thamesmead with Peabody. Watch this space and see these students shine.

Please see the St Paul’s Academy website for more details of events within Geography. For all the pictures, especially of students REWARD trips and outside learning experiences. Please congratulate your child or those of you who teach these students if you see them! 

Hit your target by choosing Geography.

#Where is your next Geography classroom? 

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